1:1 Private Session Work

Within private sessions, I open up sacred space for you to access higher realms of consciousness. With the help of your spirit allies and the unique energies I work with, I act as a medium to relay messages to you from your higher self. Common themes we may look at within private session work include: past life experiences, current life traumas, relationship patterns, inner-child wounding, entity attachments, and self-destructive behaviors. We may also use guided meditation, shamanic journeying, sacred drumming, and hands-on energy work to identify and remove the energetic blocks that separate you from your most authentic self.


1:1 Private sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes, and cost $100. Please ask about sliding scale options if you are a marginalized individual or experience financial barriers to accessing this work.

This is a journey of healing through self-empowerment. In private session work, I will hold an energetic mirror to reflect to you the love and potential for healing that exists within each of your fears, blocks, wounds, and traumatic experiences that reveal themselves within our time together. Side by side, I will guide you through clearing your own blocks and teach you the energetic tools and skills when necessary, to facilitate your own healing. Each session is held with the intention to reveal the nature of the infinite potential and power that lies within you. Together we will clear the channels that will allow you to access this higher state of existence and well-being.

“What the people believe, is true.” - Anishinabe Proverb